My Offers


The My Offers page provides a list view of all loads you have made an offer to Arrive Logistics. Users can access this page by clicking on the My Offers tab from the navigation menu of Carrier EDGE.

Results Lists

My Offers provides a history of all offers made by you. By default results are sorted by Last Modified.

Here users can identify offers by Offer Amount, Pickup and Deliver location and date, Status with Arrive Load #, and available actions. Offer Statuses include Invited to Book, Pending, Declined, Not Possible, and Completed.


Every offer has an Arrive Load # that is hyperlinked. Click on the link to open a new tab to view the full details of the load.


The offers list is paginated, with a maximum of 50 offers displayed per page. Quickly navigate through the list by clicking on either the page number or the Previous or Next Page arrows located at the bottom of the results list.

Quick Filters

A Filter button is located above the list to help quickly identify offers by Status or Load Number(s).

In addition to filters there is also the ability to quickly sort results using the Sort By dropdown with the following options:

  • Last Modified

  • Status

  • Expiration

Take Action on Submitted Offers

Depending on the status of the offer there are additional actions available to take.

Invited to Book, also referred to as an accepted offer, indicates the load is available for booking by clicking the Book Load button. Loads in this status have a time limit for an action to be taken.

  • If the pickup date is within the next 3 hours the invitation to book is available for 15 minutes.

  • If the pickup date is more than 3 hours from now the invitation to book is available for 30 minutes.

If the Invited to Book time limit expires a new offer can be made on the load as long as it is still Available.

Pending offers submitted by you can be canceled at any time. This is useful when a truck is no longer available to pick up the load. Pending offers that are accepted will transition to Invited to Book, and an email will be sent notifying you to complete the booking process.

Declined offers were priced too high and not accepted. A new offer can be submitted if an offer was Declined by clicking on Make Another Offer and is useful when needing to make a counter-offer.

Canceled offers were offers you had previously made on a load but no longer wish to move forward with the load.

Expired offers were offers available for booking but action to book or cancel was not made within the time limit. If the load is still available a new offer can be submitted.

Not Possible offers were once active offers on a load that has been booked by another party and no longer available.

Completed offers have been accepted and booked by you.

For more information about these statuses see our Glossary.